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Teotihuacan - Learn the secrets of the Ancient Masters

Style #March 17 - 22, 2017

Price: $1,095.00

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Visit the home of the Ancient Ones!!

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Thousands of years ago the powerful city of Teotihuacan was designed and built to assist in the ascension of the human soul. It was a spiritual metropolis and its purpose then, and still, is to transform us from this earthly life of illusion and false identity into a magnificent being with unlimited love and unlimited power. The elevated state of awareness and love are strong and alive today in this mysterious city of pyramids, temples, and energy centers that act as gateways to other worlds of beauty.

The city is laid out in the shape of their revered enlightened master, Quetzalcoatl who was metaphorically symbolized as the plumed serpent. One who began a life close to the earth as a serpent in the lower chakras, and transcended through the upper chakras, into a quetzal bird who symbolized spiritual freedom. This also symbolizes the kundalini energy movement to enlightenment. The city is laid out in a practical format for humans to methodically peel away the layers of untruths that keep us away from our true selves, which is enlightenment. We are already there! We don’t have to “do” anything except remember who we are....

It is up to us to make the leap or walk down the “Avenue of the Dead”, to surrender to the “Angel of Death”, to let go of what we know and to open ourselves to the mystery. We are then able to realize that at our very core, our authentic nature is to live in joy and love. We naturally ascend to a higher frequency when we rid ourselves of limiting beliefs that keep us in a dense and low frequency. We ascend when we stop believing the story we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world around us. We ascend when we begin to let go of our false identity that we’ve acquired from our internal judge and our internal victim. It is a process of letting go, so that the flame of our beautiful essence can shine through. We strive to let go and begin to understand that when we live in love, fear cannot exist and the darkness no longer has our attention and control over us. We are wild by nature and we are beautiful. We are not meant to be sheep herded into a recognized form so that we can be controlled. With the assistance of the elevated frequency at Teo, we can ascend to higher levels of consciousness and live an authentic life of love and freedom....

I look forward to you joining us....
In l’a a k’ech,


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